Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs's)

What will my web address be?

Most of the time your web address is commonly “”. So, for example, if your business is called “Jo’s Burgers”, you could have a web address of Alternatively, you could have It totally your choice. We can also equip you with international web addresses, which are very useful if you have businesses that sell items overseas. i.e


Are my domain name and my website my property (Do I Own them?)

Your Domain name and Your Website are 100% owned by you. Your website and your domain name are your property and can be easily taken with you if you ever choose to move to a different hosting company.


Can I update or change things on my website?

Yes. If you have the most basic of computer skills, you will be able to do it through the Content Management System (CMS) that you can access after your website has been created. We can even provide training on how to use it.


How can I pay for my website or print services?

We will send you an invoice, with all our payment details included. We accept Cash, Direct Deposit, Visa, MasterCard. As well as an interest, free payment plan for selected packages. Full details will be included on the Invoice.

I currently own my own domain name. Can I still use it with A-Z Web & Design?

Yes, of course you can. Give us a call and we can take care of it for you.


My business doesn’t have a logo. Are you able to create one for me?

For the one-time charge of $300 we can build you a professional logo tailor made to your specific requests. View some of our latest logo creations here.


Where will my website be hosted?

We love Australia, that why your website will be hosted right here in Australia. By having your website located in Australia, your website has much faster loading times and usually much better chances of appearing higher in google than website hosted overseas.


Am I under any type of contract and what if I want to leave?

Your website and your domain name are your property so you can move your website elsewhere or if in the situation (close it down if you wish) whenever you desire. Each year, you will be sent a renewal invoice from the Hosting Company ZUVER, if you wish to keep receiving hosting, support and domain renewal simply pay your invoice, if not they will simply cancel your services. It’s that simple.



 E-Commerce FAQs


Can I accept credit card payments?

Yes, You most certainly can. We have a wide range of payment gateways available for your website including the widely-accepted PayPal, it will allow people to pay via their PayPal account or directly via credit card. Alternatively, we can integrate a payment gateway directly from your bank, which allows your customers to pay via credit card without even leaving your website.


What type of shipping options are available for my online store?

We can set your online store with your current postage costs, depending on your chosen postage courier.


I’m not sure how to run an online store?

We pride ourselves that we can show you how to use your online store from front to back. That what we are here for, and it’s all included as part of your package. Online Stores receive priority support. We can even come to you*. *Travel Charges apply for distance trips outside of A-Z Web & Design Service Areas.


Is it easy to add products to my store?

As easy as it is to find and select a file from a folder on your computer. We provide you with a super user friendly admin system that you can securely access, it gives you total control over your entire store. You can apply discounts, add products, check orders, delete products, run promotions, the whole kubos.


Am I restricted to selling just in Australia or can I sell internationally?

You have the option to choose anywhere in the world to sell your products. With the ability to allow all orders from overseas, to just certain countries, to just domestically in Australia. You have complete control over where you want to sell your products and services.


Ok, So I want to sell internationally, Can my store support multiple currencies?

Absolutely. Your system will query an international currency converter to provide accurate currency rates in real-time, so you don’t miss important international sales.


I love the idea of Coupon Codes, Could I have these on my website?



I’ve made my first sale, what happens when someone places an order?

Simply, both yourself and the customer will receive a confirmation. All orders can be tracked through your admin panel and can be viewed at any-time.


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