SiteCare Maintenance

A great website needs regular care and attention to run at its best

Having a website is like having a smart phone, you need to have a regular maintenance program set up to ensure it stays up to date, with critical software updates, and fresh content.

All of our Website Maintenance Plans included regular backups. We suggest having daily or weekly backups for most sites.
Regular Backups of your website are the best way to safeguard your business digital asset, in case the worst was to happen. Every day, websites are hacked, go down, disappear, or are attacked, having a regular backup can have you back online quickly.

Your brand spanking new website is built, online and functioning, but it doesn’t stop there.

Keeping your websites content and framework up to date is as important to you as say having a shower each day. Having a website that has fresh content and up to date software, is extremely important to keep your customer coming back to your site & attracting new ones.


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Imagine, You woke up tomorrow and your web host had accidentally deleted your website?


It’s Nightmare scenario. Your whole business can very quickly down the drain with one mistake by your web host, even if it’s wasn’t your fault, losing your website can really cripple your business.


A-Z Web & Design Services can perform backups for your business on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Backups are stored independently away from your website hosting using Amazon Web Services. Ensuring you always have a “plan B”

Avoiding a nightmare scenario can be easy and straight forward with A-Z Web & Design, with the ability to restore your website very quickly, we can have you up and running again in no time.

1. It’s not your web host’s responsibility to make back ups available to you.
A surprising number of web hosts don’t back up your website regularly. Of the few that do, most of them simply do so for their own protection and don’t make the files available to their customers or charge phonemonial amounts of money for a backup that may not work.

2. Storing the original development site isn’t enough.
Over time, websites are tweaked and changed and those changes often won’t be reflected in the original version. If you run a forum, blog or CRM system, much of your valuable content is uploaded by your users, and won’t exist in any other place than on your website.

3. You need to be ready to react quickly.
If by chance you are caught in a bad situation where your website goes down for one reason or another, having an up to date back up in place will allow us to get you back online quickly. Helping to avoid loss of income and potential SEO penalties.

4. Peace of mind.
Having a backup done regularly, will give you peace of mind that your website and its content is being stored for that just in case moment. Many business, do this too late, give yourself peace of mind knowing your protected.

5. It’s your protection against viruses.
Along with our regular virus scans, having an-up-to-date backup can be your best protection at getting your website back up after a breach. Allowing us to effectively turn back to clock to before the breach. While this doesn’t prevent attacks or viruses, it does let you quickly bounce back after them.

Security – Scans & Reporting

Your website is one of, if not, the largest and most important investments you will ever make for your business. It allows your customers to engage with your, capture leads and generate income, but what happens when someone else in the world, doesn’t see it that way. There are many hackers, spammers etc out there, and unfortunately there always will be.Having a plan in place for your website secuirty should be a top priority.

We take your site security very seriously. We will perform regular security/ malware scans to protect and identity and vulnerabilities, ensure passwords and usernames are secure, set up IP blocking and should the worst case come knocking we can have you up and clean quickly.

Just like the real world, we don’t want out investments be unprotected and without regular maintenance. Your site can be vulnerable to hackers and their trickery, especially if our have out of date software and lax security.

With all the demands of running your own business, how great would it be to know your website is being cared for and protected from threats?

Our Security Services are built to keep your site safe, without you having to lift a finger.

Keeping Your Site Up-To-Date

From time to time, themes, plugins & WordPress will require updating. Updates typically happen when developers release security patches or add extra functionality.

Sometimes these can be on a daily basis, and we know you have better things to be doing than worrying about your websites plugins and files and keeping them up to date.

But Why?

It’s good practice to keep your themes, plugins & WordPress version updated to the latest versions. It helps to ensure hackers can’t use vulnerabilities in out-dated themes, plugins to get into your site.

Rest Easy, Knowing its all being done for you…..

Depending on your level of needs, we can perform updates, daily, weekly or monthly.

With every update we ensure that a backup is taken of your website before the update is actioned, just in case something unfortunate happens whilst it it updating.

We will send you’re a report at the end of the month, just to let you know which plugins and themes were updated ?


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